DCA IRMA-III convertible 3270 interface

From: Dave McGuire <mcguire_at_neurotica.com>
Date: Sat Mar 23 01:32:47 2002

On March 23, Doc wrote:
> > He's still crashing on my couch...I think the whoe gulf coast thing is
> > getting to his brain. Clean air and...umm...well, spring break,
> > beach, bikinis that are about this --> <-- big, you kno... ;)
> >
> > There have been some sights around here that I'd swear were about to
> > make his little mainframe-hackin' head explode. ;)
> To which, I assume, Mr. McGuire is totally immune?

  Are you kidding? I've just escaped living near College Park, Maryland
for the past nine years. I haven't seen this many heterosexual women
in the same place at the same time in, oh, about nine years. I now
find it prudent to apply a liberal quantity of ScotchGard(tm) to my
car seats before going out.


Dave McGuire                    "Watch those lateral G's man,
St. Petersburg, FL               I've got sandwiches in my lap!" -Sridhar
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