TSX-PLUS (Was MicroPDP 11/73)

From: Jerome H. Fine <jhfinepw4z_at_compsys.to>
Date: Sat Mar 23 08:40:33 2002

>Pete Turnbull wrote:

> >On Mar 22, 17:18, R. D. Davis wrote:
> > If I recall correctly, I did. Weren't there at least five of us?
> I thought there were at least three or four, but I wasn't sure about more
> -- and it's not worth Jerome's while to do anything unless there's enough
> interest.

Jerome Fine replies:

Actually, I seem to remember that FIVE people did show interest.
I can check the archives.

However, until Mentec or S&H take a step by themselves, I don't
wish to pester S&H. But if by the summer Mentec has not acted,
then I will contact S&H again.

There are potential problems. Since TSX-PLUS requires RT-11
to be present - even just to be "booted" (TSX-PLUS normally
requires RT-11 to be booted first), only older versions of TSX-PLUS
could be used with SIMH at this point.

Sincerely yours,

Jerome Fine
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