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Date: Sat Mar 23 12:36:51 2002

On Sat, 23 Mar 2002, Roger Merchberger wrote:

> I've tried 'help' but there are a lot of things that *just* *won't* *run*
> whatsoever, including [but not limited to] every text editor I've tried,
> because I can't figure out how to get the terminal screen configured...
> which (of course, with my luck) 'help' either 1) doesn't tell me, or 2) has
> obfuscated it *so* badly that I won't have a chance in Hades of ever
> finding it there...

If you have an ANSI terminal (or a vtXXX) hooked up to it, all you need to
do is 'set term/ansi'. If you're using a framebuffer monitor, I think
you're outa luck, both myself and a guy I know that worked for DEC either
can't figure it out or have deemed it impossible to do ANSI emulation on
those things (or anything useful). My suggestion is to try and get it to
work with a text-terminal first.

Second, once you install DecWindows (,
it should auto-magically start up OR you can start it using a DCL script
called 'DECW$STARTUP.COM' or something similar. It should be available
under the 'SYS$MANAGER:' drive-alias. The URL above is a GREAT reference
to (Open)VMS - I've been able to figure out just about any problem with
those docs and this list. (thanks guys!)

> I used the VMS construct of DOS's 'copy con filename.txt' {I don't remember
> what it is anymore -- it's been 6-9 months since I've even sparked up my
> VAX} to try to do a few things on it, but it's so hard editing anything
> that I took what little spare time I had towards other pursuits. :-/

that would be 'create filename.txt'. Once you get yourself an ANSI
terminal and EDT or EVE running, it'll be much more exciting. EDT and EVE
are *not* the easiest things to use without any prior knowledge (or
without a "Do" key on your DEC Keyboard :) The best 'intro to VMS for
dummies' guide Ive found on the internet is availble from
Even with its title and the author's bad grammer, it's how I first learned
to use a VAX (using the /nocomm hint provided, but that was a long time
ago ;). If you can tolerate it long enough to read through the useless
bullshit, it's really a decent introductory guide to VAXen.

> The system:
> VAXStation 3100/m38, 32Meg RAM, VMS Version 7.1 [the full monty - even has
> the BASIC package in the distro - 11 disks worth!], (2) 1Gig hard drives
> {RZ26s? I think - it's been a while}, 2Meg 8-plane grafix buffer [this is
> the biotsch that won't config right for the terminal settings, hence no
> text editors] 17" display, keyboard, mouse [of course] & I just got off
> eBay 5 AUI->RJ45 transceivers [$22US shipped! Whoohoo!] so I won't have to
> have thinnet strung all over my new ancient house - I can stick with Cat5.

Nice setup, makes my VAXstation 3200 look puny. :( Just promise to never
stop running VMS on it. With people like Gunther running Ultrix or NetBSD
on it ( <cough> sick bastards <cough> ;) the world needs as many VMS
users as it can get to stay in sync.

-- Pat
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