My VMS Conundrums... (was: Toilett processing...

From: Roger Merchberger <>
Date: Sat Mar 23 10:29:03 2002

Rumor has it that FLTLT\(AAFC\) Geoff Roberts may have mentioned these words:
>From: "Roger Merchberger" <>

>> The only classic machine I can't get to print is my MicroVAX 3100/m38 -
>> that's only because I can't get it to talk TCP/IP... :-( <sniff>
>Er, why not? What version of VMS?

The usual... I don't have any paper-based documentation whatsoever -- all I
have is CD-ROM based, which needs DECWindows - but I can't get DECWindows
running without documentation. :-(

I've tried 'help' but there are a lot of things that *just* *won't* *run*
whatsoever, including [but not limited to] every text editor I've tried,
because I can't figure out how to get the terminal screen configured...
which (of course, with my luck) 'help' either 1) doesn't tell me, or 2) has
obfuscated it *so* badly that I won't have a chance in Hades of ever
finding it there...

I used the VMS construct of DOS's 'copy con filename.txt' {I don't remember
what it is anymore -- it's been 6-9 months since I've even sparked up my
VAX} to try to do a few things on it, but it's so hard editing anything
that I took what little spare time I had towards other pursuits. :-/

The system:
VAXStation 3100/m38, 32Meg RAM, VMS Version 7.1 [the full monty - even has
the BASIC package in the distro - 11 disks worth!], (2) 1Gig hard drives
{RZ26s? I think - it's been a while}, 2Meg 8-plane grafix buffer [this is
the biotsch that won't config right for the terminal settings, hence no
text editors] 17" display, keyboard, mouse [of course] & I just got off
eBay 5 AUI->RJ45 transceivers [$22US shipped! Whoohoo!] so I won't have to
have thinnet strung all over my new ancient house - I can stick with Cat5.

The price I pay for having one sweet VAX - damn thing doesn't run for crap.
[1] ;-/

Anyone got a "VAXStation fer Dummies" book written yet? ;-)
Roger "Merch" Merchberger

[1] Well, OK - to be technical, the thing runs *great* - I just can't *do*
a frelling thing with it...
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