My VMS Conundrums... (was: Toilett processing...

From: Geoff Roberts <>
Date: Sat Mar 23 17:55:59 2002

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Subject: My VMS Conundrums... (was: Toilett processing...

> Rumor has it that FLTLT\(AAFC\) Geoff Roberts may have mentioned these
> >From: "Roger Merchberger" <>
> >> The only classic machine I can't get to print is my MicroVAX 3100/m38 -
> >and
> >> that's only because I can't get it to talk TCP/IP... :-( <sniff>
> >
> >Er, why not? What version of VMS?
> The usual... I don't have any paper-based documentation whatsoever -- all
> have is CD-ROM based, which needs DECWindows - but I can't get DECWindows
> running without documentation. :-(
IIRC, the VMS docs are viewable online at DEC^H^H^HCompaq's web site

> I've tried 'help' but there are a lot of things that *just* *won't* *run*
> whatsoever, including [but not limited to] every text editor I've tried,
> because I can't figure out how to get the terminal screen configured...

HELP SET TERMINAL should work, if you use a VT term into the console port.

> which (of course, with my luck) 'help' either 1) doesn't tell me, or 2)
> obfuscated it *so* badly that I won't have a chance in Hades of ever
> finding it there...

Hmmm, I managed to get a Vax 6310 going when I didn't have any idea what VMS
so I'm sure you can do this..

> I used the VMS construct of DOS's 'copy con filename.txt' {I don't
> what it is anymore -- it's been 6-9 months since I've even sparked up my
> VAX} to try to do a few things on it, but it's so hard editing anything
> that I took what little spare time I had towards other pursuits. :-/

EVE or just plain EDIT should work, again from a terminal. If the graphic
display working at all?

> The system:
> VAXStation 3100/m38, 32Meg RAM, VMS Version 7.1 [the full monty - even has
> the BASIC package in the distro - 11 disks worth!],


> (2) 1Gig hard drives
> {RZ26s? I think - it's been a while},

Sounds right.

> 2Meg 8-plane grafix buffer [this is
> the biotsch that won't config right for the terminal settings, hence no
> text editors] 17" display, keyboard, mouse [of course]

?? I didn't think the video device need to be configured. VMS should take
care of that, and it should 'just work'.
Are you sure the monitor and graphic buffer are compatible? Error message?
Anything on the display?
I'm a mouse short of having a decwindows system that works on my VS4000/90
with VMS 6.2 but it runs fine from a
console terminal.

> & I just got off
> eBay 5 AUI->RJ45 transceivers [$22US shipped! Whoohoo!] so I won't have to
> have thinnet strung all over my new ancient house - I can stick with Cat5.

That's good.
> The price I pay for having one sweet VAX - damn thing doesn't run for
> [1] ;-/

Pretty unusual for VMS to not run properly on a Vax of any description.

> Anyone got a "VAXStation fer Dummies" book written yet? ;-)
> Roger "Merch" Merchberger
> [1] Well, OK - to be technical, the thing runs *great* - I just can't *do*
> a frelling thing with it...

Shouldn't be THAT hard.....Did you install VMS, or was it there already?


Geoff in Oz
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