Recent Road Trip pics of stuff avalable PDX

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Date: Sun Mar 24 00:19:02 2002

I was back in Portland for a few hours and visited a friend who is a
secondary market dealer. He wanted to know what to do with a Sun 3/280 that I
had mentioned to the list earlier and an Alpha 2100 Server he had gotten in.

He also had found a couple of rare HP calculators that I had him searching

Included are the Sun and Alpha, an Alpha 503e Personal Workstation, a
HP9100B, a HP46 Desktop, The DEC InfoServer 150 I mentioned earlier and a
sneak look at one of the "saved" piles

The Alpha Server 2100 I am sure is working but the drives have been pulled,
no sleds either. Came from the Government.

I think the Alpha 503e PW is complete but I only took a picture of it as an
after thought.

The DEC InfoServer 150 looks complete and operational. I have the equipment
to test there but not the time.

I posted the pictures here:

The Alpha 503e he is planning on selling on eBay. He also wants top dollar
for the HP Calculators. However I have got him to take offers from the list

He has the ability to ship heavy items. He also does a good job shipping
airport to airport on some heavy systems.

I prefer to be contacted at Things are getting busy and
there are times I can't read the list for quite a while.

Astoria, Oregon
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