New hard drive in an Indigo2

From: Doc <>
Date: Sun Mar 24 22:45:32 2002

On Tue, 12 Mar 2002, David Woyciesjes wrote:

> > <My Not-So-Humble Opinion>
> > A multi-channel adapter or multiple adapters, running JBOD, with
> > intelligent filesystem groupings, will probably boost your speed as much
> > as RAID will. (Assuming a single-user general-use Unix desktop.) RAID
> > can be tuned to big sequential reads or writes, or a lot of small r/w,
> > but it's damn difficult to get middle-ground or all-around performance.
> > </My Not-So-Humble Opinion>
> >
> > All that said, it's good practice and fun.
> >
> > Doc
> >
> Doc - As someone who never played with RAID before, can you provide an
> example setup, or two?

  I'm cleaning out my Inbox, and I couldn't remember if I saved this
because I answered, or because I was going to....
  Anyway, since I probably didn't, here are a couple links to clearer
info than I can give:

  Quick&Dirty overview:

  More detailed:

  RAID management is more of an art than a skill-set. The number and
range of variables is staggering. And I'm a rank amateur....

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