Apple 3.5" controller card

From: Rich Beaudry <>
Date: Mon Mar 25 17:47:34 2002

Hello all,

I recently received an Apple-branded 3.5" floppy drive controller card.
After doing a bit of web research, I found out it was a "LIRON" card, and
NOT a SuperDrive card. I also found out that it will only work with a
specific type of 3.5" drive: the UniDisk.

I don't have a UniDisk, so the next logical questions are:

- Does anyone have a UniDisk 3.5" drive that they's be willing to
swap/dump/sell? Yes, I did see a couple on eBay, but I'd rather avoid
paying $40-$50 for one....

- If I do not find a UniDisk, would anyone want this? What would you trade
for it? I have no docs, and it is the card/cable only. If I do not find a
UniDisk, then it is untested, except to say that I put it in an Apple IIe,
with no drive connected, and it did NOT smoke :-)


Rich B.

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