ZX-81 Question

From: Hans Franke <Hans.Franke_at_mch20.sbs.de>
Date: Mon Mar 25 11:59:07 2002

> > A professional system, like Glen tells is quite nice, but you need
> > also some more knowledge about the pitfalls of a ZX. Start of with
> > the fun of a simple system, and if you're a late victim of the ZX
> > infection, then you'll soon expand into the ZX96 dimension.
> Back then I was kind of waiting for a better low cost machine than a
> ZX-80 when mine died ie: Real keyboard, real memory , floppy disk even .
> I was hoping for 68000 something but it never happened.

Well, Sinclair sold it and called it QL.

A 68008, running at 8 (?) MHz, (almost) Real Keyboard (at least as
good as most PC keyboards in the $10 range), Reak Memory (128K, as
much as the first Mac, but expandable to 640 or 900) and two tape
drives with ~100K each.

Furthermore: Serial Interface, Joystick Ports and a full figured
Network. As cream ontop of the cake a complete application suite
with Word Processing, Spreadsheet, Database and Business Graphics.

And all together at about 900 Mark (back than ~250 GBP). Lower
than all other comparable systems (in fact even lower than the
C64 in some shops)

Maybe check


for raw technical data or


for quite detailed information

and just for the heck of it, there is the Q40 and Q60, a 68040/060
based QL compatible system with 40 to 80 MHz. See


Seams like the Germans have a hang for pushing old stuff beyond all
Linits (check the ZX-Team pages, or the Milan, as stat of the art
Atari ST follow up).


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