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From: Roger Merchberger <zmerch_at_30below.com>
Date: Mon Mar 25 13:45:02 2002

Rumor has it that Hans Franke may have mentioned these words:
[[and the original poster said before that...]]

>> This and that is still was a BASIC machine with no real disks.
>Come on, first of all, a basic like the QL Super Sasic is quite
>different from everything else you know ... QDOS is a multitasking
>OS, and the Basic incooperates all features to use the windowing
>and taskingsystem from within. it is jut not comperable to all the
>MS-Basic crap found on 90% of all old homecomputers.

Not all Basic's are created equal -- I'd still give my left <ahem> to be
able to run a Basic09-like package [for OS-9] on my other machines... That
was another very powerful Basic.

>> I found out that it cost APPLE $100 ??? to make the $500 ??? floppy
>> system for their computer reading the history of the apple from a web
>> site.
>That's called best bussines practice :))

How much do you think it costs Micro$haft to make a new version of windows,
compared to the number of copies they jam down our throats?

As as been said many times before, they only charge what the market will bear.

If Apple got a lot of people to buy them, and folks didn't complain about
the price, <M$Rant> and Apple didn't stifle competition so they could jack
up the prices even more </M$Rant> does it really matter what they charged
vs. what it cost them to build?

<going OT> Most car chargers for cell phones cost between $20 - $35 USD
each retail - they cost the dealers between $1.95 - $2.95 each, quantity
10.</going OT>

The beauty of capitalism. <g>

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