Unix disk images and archiving

From: James L. Rice <jrice_at_texoma.net>
Date: Mon Mar 25 22:24:55 2002

I think you will have to write a disktab entry for the MO drive. I had
to add one for the Jaz. NS3.3 is pretty good at determining disk
geometry if the drive supports the sense command. Since PM bit the
dust, I'm not sure if there is much documentation out there about the MO
drive. Also keep in mind that the NeXT cube SCSI implementation is
pretty primitive.

Ok, I looked on the Pinnacle Micro site. It's up intermittently these
days. They went bankrupt in 2000. On the PM site at :
http://www.pinnaclemicro.com/faq/unix.htm it states that NeXT supports
both 512 and 1024 sector formats, so I don't think that that's the
problem. Also on the Pinnacle Micro site at:
http://www.pinnaclemicro.com/guides.htm#unixmo there wasn't a mention of
NeXT in the Unix pages.

One question, does the MO drive show up in the Workspace browser when
you insert a disk? I can't format a Jaz cart from the command prompt
with disk, but I can by selecting it in the GUi and then selecting Disk
Initialize....I don't know why.

If none of this makes sense, forgive me. I had a root canal and 8
fillings done this afternoon and I'm still a little punchy.


Jeff Hellige wrote:
> >Let me know how connecting the PM 1.3gb goes. Getting the Jaz up
> >was "fun". I've passed on several PM 1.3gb drives before, if it
> >works, it might be fun getting one next time. I have just installed
> >a Pinnacle Micro CDR drive on my #1 cube. I'm going to try burning
> >a few "coasters" on the cube. I'll let you know how it goes.
> I plugged the Pinnacle Sierra up to the Cube and it mounted
> both DOS and Mac formatted disk without a problem and I was able to
> read files and such off of them easily. So far attampts at
> initializing them have failed though, even using 'disk -i /dev/rsd1a'
> to try to initialize the raw device. The system retrieves all of the
> info but errors out, making the disk unreadable. All of my 3M disks
> are 512bytes/sector vice 1024...could this be a problem for NeXTstep?
> I didn't have to modify the disktab file for it to recognize the
> drive/media.
> Jeff
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