Unix disk images and archiving

From: Jeff Hellige <jhellige_at_earthlink.net>
Date: Tue Mar 26 04:12:50 2002

>I think you will have to write a disktab entry for the MO drive. I had
>to add one for the Jaz. NS3.3 is pretty good at determining disk
>geometry if the drive supports the sense command. Since PM bit the
>dust, I'm not sure if there is much documentation out there about the MO
>drive. Also keep in mind that the NeXT cube SCSI implementation is
>pretty primitive.

        Thanks James...I'll try the disktab from your other message.

>One question, does the MO drive show up in the Workspace browser when
>you insert a disk? I can't format a Jaz cart from the command prompt
>with disk, but I can by selecting it in the GUi and then selecting Disk
>Initialize....I don't know why.

        Yes, the DOS and Mac formatted disks mount automatically when
the disks are inserted and on one it doesn't recognize it asks if I
want to initialize. It fails initialization from the Workspace just
as it did from the shell. I wasn't sure if NS supported
512bytes/sector or not on the MO.

        I'll let you know how the disktab works.
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