ZX-81 Question

From: Glen Goodwin <acme_ent_at_bellsouth.net>
Date: Mon Mar 25 22:46:25 2002

> From: Hans Franke <Hans.Franke_at_mch20.sbs.de>

> Well, this would be a neat professional ZX81 setup - just you miss the
> whole fun of getting the real minimalistic ZX81. One _can_ do usefull
> stuff with just one or two KBytes of RAM. one has a real lot of fun
> by just playing around with this little plasic box in front of an old
> TV set.

Hans, I agree with you 100 percent. This is the purpose the ZX81 was
designed for: teaching people how to have fun getting the most out of the
> I'd suggest an out of the box ZX81 (or Timex 1000) to start with, and
> realy trying to play with only one K ... next step could be the internal
> expansion to whooping TWO K - and oh boy, programmers dreams will come
> thru.

Yeah, I remember the first time I could write a BASIC program with more
than 40 lines of code -- wow!

> I still think tha'ts the most fun, haggling with tight resources).

Also true for me. It's still a thrill to go over a machine code or
assembly language program and be able to trim out 20 bytes!
> A professional system, like Glen tells is quite nice, but you need
> also some more knowledge about the pitfalls of a ZX. Start of with
> the fun of a simple system, and if you're a late victim of the ZX
> infection, then you'll soon expand into the ZX96 dimension.

I think this is very good advice.
> (Not a ZX fan, but I realy like to dig out a ZX80 or 81 from time to
> time just to play around with the most minimalistic _full_ system ever)

This is the best description of the ZX81 I've ever encountered!

Keep on ZXin'!

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