ZX-81 Question

From: Ben Franchuk <bfranchuk_at_jetnet.ab.ca>
Date: Mon Mar 25 23:15:47 2002

Glen Goodwin wrote:
> > I still think tha'ts the most fun, haggling with tight resources).
> Also true for me. It's still a thrill to go over a machine code or
> assembly language program and be able to trim out 20 bytes!

While the ZX-81 was not my favorite machine it has advantage of users
understanding hardware and software more so than today. I still think
computer designers need to program in assembly every so often. The
BloatMaster 3000 super chip is not what people need but rather what
marketing is trying to brainwash you with.

> > (Not a ZX fan, but I realy like to dig out a ZX80 or 81 from time to
> > time just to play around with the most minimalistic _full_ system ever)
> This is the best description of the ZX81 I've ever encountered!

I think the best for hardware use ( but not cost ) was a 4k PDP8 and
That machine has some very tight code at the cost of not being able to
over 4 of memory with out bank switching of code/data.
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