QL-Quality (Was: ZX-81 Question)

From: Richard.Sandwell_at_roebry.co.uk <(Richard.Sandwell_at_roebry.co.uk)>
Date: Tue Mar 26 07:30:59 2002

>> It sold for \pounds 399 in the UK.

Yup, paid my money ...and waited...and waited! Worth it in the end.

> My view is that had it sold for \pounds 600 or so and had a real disk
> drive, real serial ports, and a useable keyboard then it might have sold
> rather better in the UK.

>Maybe they should have had a 'professional' version with an
>external keyboard and disk drives, to satisfy both markets.
>Anyway, history.

Can't remember - did Sinclair license the technology to ICL and *cough* BT?
Would the Merlin Tonto and ICL OPD (one per desk) have covered off the
professional market perhaps?

For those of us that were serious about computing, that didn't have access
to the kind of money a PC or Mac cost, the QL was a godsend. 68k assembler
was a bit of a jmp after Z80 though!

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