AMD am7960

From: Roger Merchberger <>
Date: Tue Mar 26 14:04:24 2002

Rumor has it that Heinz Wolter may have mentioned these words:
>According to google: "coded data transciever".
>- a Manchester coder rather than anything crypto..
>It can be used with an 8530 SCC, 1-3Mbit rate,
>used in star lans, tokem rings and point to point comms.

Brain goes Ping, Ping...


>> Just found a board with few am7960 on them.
>> Anybody knows what that is ?
>> Datasheet ?
>> It "smells" like an ethernet controller, but didn't find anything
>> on the net about it. (to old I guess)

Ping, Ping... brain goes again...

Judging from the info, I think I've seen that chip before... I have a bunch
of ArcNet cards & an active hub in my basement that I'd bet dollars to
doughnuts uses that chip... 2.5Mbit star network setup - what was nice is
that between active hubs, it'll run a kilometer on thin coax. (Watch out -
it uses 75 ohm terminators, not the 50 ohm of thinnet ethernet!)

That's why I saved a few cards & the hub: just never know when Ethernet's
too fast, and won't go far enough...

Search for "Thomas-Conrad" IIRC - they were a *big* maker of ArcNet

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