More VMS

From: Carlini, Antonio <>
Date: Wed Mar 27 05:03:32 2002

Alan Pearson wrote:
>At the moment I'm using an ST running UNITERM hooked up to a
>3100/30's console port so I'm stuck with just the one login session
>at a time - occasionally I'd like to be able to flip over to SYSTEM
>without having to mess about with logging out of AL and into SYSTEM
>and back :-) Any ideas?

Assuming you have DECnet installed you can do:
        $ SET HOST 0
and log in as SYSTEM.

I run my VAxstation the same way - almost
everything I do, I do with the unprived
user account. Occasionally I fire up another
terminal to do some stuff with SYSTEM.
To be honest, once it's all set up, it
doesn't need much tending to, so there's not
too much need for SYSTEM access.

What sort of things are you doing that
need SYSTEM access ?

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