Rockewell System 65

From: Hans Franke <>
Date: Wed Mar 27 10:20:26 2002

>> > In digging around, I again ran across the Rockwell System 65. A google
>> > search didn't turn up any references except to a Forth system designed
>> > to run on that system. Anyone know anything about this thing? Thanks.
>> D'oh.
>> Wasn't that the 'big' development system from Rockwell
>> for the 6502 - before the AIM ? I think I remember something
>> like that.

> That's it all right; dual 5" floppies, 16K SRAM, OS in ROM, RS232
> & Parallel, and lots of optional modules for developing, emulating
> & programming R6500 stuff & the R6500/1 single-chip micros.

Ok, hee it goes:

Rockwell's SYSTEM 65
 SYSTEM 65 is a new easy to use, powerful, complete
development system for the R6500 family of
microcomputers. The basic configuration includes
two built-in, mini-floppy disk drives, 16K bytes of user
memory and 16 K bytes of resident operating system.
 Monitor commands are self-prompting whenever
memory, peripheral, or disk file assignment is requiread.
Text editor provides line, string, and character editing
functions A resident two-pass assembler and dynamic
debug package complete the operating system. Both
source and object code may be maintained in memory
for fast editing, assembling, and checkout. Since the
total monitor, editor, debug and assembler are resident
in ROM, 100% of the disk storage and drive utilization
is available to the user.
 The mini-floppy diskettes may be used as storage for
source and object code and documentation. Each
diskette has the capacity for 78K bytes of information
in a maximum of 60 files.
 SYSTEM 65 supports a vareity of terminals with
serial data from 100 baud to 9600 baud. Connectors
are provided for both RS-232 C and current loop interfaceing.
Reader ON/OFF signals and the RTS/CTS control
signals are standard. Included is a parallel port provideing
automatic control to high speed printers, such as
Diablo, Centronics and Tally.
And Rockwell offers these options to
- PL/65 High-Level Language
- USER 65 in-circuit emulation option
- PROM Programmer Mofule, for programming a
  2704/2708/2716/2758 PROM device from the front
  panel socket
- R6500/1 Personality option, for developing with the
  R6500/1 single-chip microcomputer
- 16Kx8 Static RAM Modules
- PROM/ROM Module accepting 2316/2332 ROM or
  2708/2716/2758 PROM devices
- Wire-wrap Design Prototype Module
- Extender Card for circuit probing
The page continues with a description of PL/65. The very
next page describes the AIM 65
Well, it is realy a great good feeling having put up all
the shelveing and filled them with books :) Amazing what
one can find by just looking around...
BTW: the next thing I learned by peeking into the LCE
(Low Cost Emulator) Manual for the R6500/1 Family is that
this unit is basicly a complete SYSTEM 65 with the probe
and 6500/* Personality module... AFAI can tell from the
LCE manuals, the SYSTEM 65 box is fited with two system
busses - one for the host system, and one for possible
add ons for the target system ... so you could not only
ICE the target system, but also add on hardware liek RAM,
ROM, or even a disk system without putting it onto your
PCB. What a nice idea.
I guess I need a SYSTEM 65...
Marvin, I hope this was of some help to you.
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