Turbo BASIC (was Re: QL (was: ZX-81 Question))

From: Allison <ajp166_at_bellatlantic.net>
Date: Wed Mar 27 10:33:37 2002

I happen to use MS QB4.5/dos at work for test systems. This version
supports all the high level structures and variable scopes that HLL like
Pascal or C would. It's NOT a weak light weight BASIC. It does produce
fast, low ram load executeables (.exe) for dos environments and has
proven very robust and easy to use.

My beef with BASIC is especially the older versions with GOTO laden
code can easily be a bowl of long pasta to decode. However, I've seen
people do same with Fortran, ALGOL, Pascal and even C.

{my native language is ASM.}

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>Unfortunately, the generalized tendency to "beat up" BASIC as a language
>micros, back in the late '70's and '80's, by those promoting the newer
>"block-structured" languages, makes people look askance at work done in
>I had a partner who was quite adept at BASIC programming and put together a
>very functional mail order/inventory control/accounts-receivable/payable
>package in about a week. Within a second week, consisting of probably five
>visits in seven days, he got it working very well in-situ, and our customer
>liked it so well, that he bought two computers (which we were pressed to
>provide, not being in the retail businsess) just to support his then
>I've found basic to be a handy tool, and, though it doesn't easily support
>programming in the large, it does allow getting things done here and now.
>has lots of features, most of which I haven't ever been pressed to use, and
>can do anything your computer can support, up to a point. If only I had a
>dime for each time I used it to do a quick calculation ...
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>> >You can buy the latest incarnation of Turbo BASIC, called Power
>> >Basic. It's pretty neat.
>> I've been using PowerBasic since '90 or so and really like
>> it. The later versions include things that the first version, which
>> is what I have, did not. I've written fairly complex
>> database/accounting packages with it and those packages were roughly
>> 1/7 the size of a similar package written using the application
>> generator in Foxbase or similar.
>> Jeff
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