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From: Doc <>
Date: Wed Mar 27 12:10:48 2002

On Wed, 27 Mar 2002, Allison wrote:

> Yes, If you use a terminal like VT330, 340or later there is
> what VMS calls multisessions. Some fo the LAT servers
> also support this with more common VT220s or VT320s.
> I was added late in VMS 4.mumble and later versions.
> This is not decwindows which is GUI based.
> What multisession allows is several virtual terminals over several
> virtual circuits using one terminal and physical circuit. I use it alot.

  Yeah, that's pretty much what I was talking about. The Unix screen
tool is hardware-independent, though. The host manages the virtual
sessions and display. I have an RS/6000 that's usually running with an
IBM 3151 [1] terminal, and screen & su allow me to be several users or
run several login sessions.
  An additional feature of screen is its "detach" function. You can log
in remotely, start screen, start a job that doesn't support detach,
detach the screen session, and log out. Log in later, reattach from
screen, and watch your job. Yes, I'm familiar with nohup, but this is
more convenient if I'm actually watching output.

[1] - What am I missing here? AFAICT, the 3151 is the lamest, most
featureless serial terminal of its time. No options, no usefull
emulations, really bad CRT. Bleah!

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