DEC 3000-600

From: Jochen Kunz <>
Date: Wed Mar 27 16:23:45 2002

On 2002.03.27 22:29 wrote:

> Just got one of these bad boys from Pudue for $20 with a RZ26L,
> framebuffer card with a 3W3 on it, CDROM, 128M of RAM, KN17 CPU.
What frame buffer? (Somthing like PMAGB-B should be printet on the slot

> Is the RZ26 a 1G drive?
Yes, 1GB.

> And how clock speed is the proc?
175MHz, EV4 with a high bandwith 320 bit memory interface. The smaler
300 models use a slower memory interface.

> I know I made out with a steal - he had no idea what it was :)
I had to give away a DG AViiON to get my DEC3k600...

> What kind of OS's are available besides NetBSD or Linux...
NetBSD will runn very well on this. If you hapen to have a PMAGB-B even
X11 will work if you install -current. Linux does not support the
TURBOchannel Alphas. (This is good. Never let a toy OS like Linux on
that serious hardware. ;-) )

> Is there a version of VMS or Ultrix that'll work?
VMS, of course!
No Ultrix, but OSF/1 aka DEC UNIX aka Tru64 UNIX. It is MACH based, has
many SysV features but it smells and feels very BSDish. That is the
reason why I like it. ;-)

> Also, I didn't get a keyboard
> with it and didn't see one there. What kind of keyboard does it use,
You need a special break out cable like on the DECstation 5000 2{0,4,6}0
machines. It has a 15 pin D shell connector on one side and a litle box
on the other. Keyboard (any DEC LK{2,4}01) and Mouse (DEC VSXXX) are
connected to this box.

> can I use a serial terminal instead?
Flip S3 on the back to force the machine to serial console. Have a look
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