It saddens me to do this....

From: Ernest <>
Date: Wed Mar 27 17:39:14 2002

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> On March 27, Jeffrey Sharp wrote:
> > > let this be a warning to all to stay clear of him as he had more then
> > > ample time to have squared this deal with me or return my money to me.
> >
> > Sorry to hear that. I hope nothing bad has happened to him. Just for the
> > record, I had a successful transaction with Mr. Worley last
> summer. My item
> > was exactly as described, well packed, and shipped promptly.
> I've never done business with him, but I will say that I'd been
> exchanging email with him around the end of December...he was going to
> get me an OS/2 distribution that I'd been looking for. His emails
> stopped abruptly in mid-conversation, and I've seen nothing from him
> since, in any forum. I hope he's ok. I'm also very sorry to hear
> that Curt's deal went south. :-(

These are tough times for a lot of good people. Perhaps he will mail the
system to you in the future, when he gets his life straightened back out.
I'm not trying to defend his actions but sometimes things happen that no
one expects or plans for. In this case, it sounds like he is having some
serious problems.

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