Unix disk images and archiving

From: Carl Lowenstein <cdl_at_proxima.ucsd.edu>
Date: Wed Mar 27 18:28:06 2002

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> >When I got my 68040 Cube upgrade kit it came with a motherboard and an
> >OD of NeXTstep 2.0, and a NeXT SIMM-puller tool. And some instructions
> >about the sequence in which to change things. All this information is
> >coming out of my occasionally fallible memory. But I'm sure that I was
> >using NS 2.0 and 2.1 long before I had a CD reader.
> Thanks for correcting me on that. Unfortunately, I've still
> not gotten NS 3.3 to reformat the DOS-formatted MO disks in my
> Pinnacle Sierra, even with the disktab entries that James provided.
> It appears to read them fine, as well as writing small text files to
> them, but it won't initialize them either from the Worksapce or a
> shell.

Yes. NeXTstep does not have the software drivers to build new raw
DOS file systems. Except on floppy disks, where the file structure is
much simpler. What there is lives in /usr/filesystems.

I suppose that nowadays you could attach your SCSI MO drive to a Linux
system and build a DOS file system there. There is a software package

Reading through again, if you want to reformat a MO disk from DOS to
NeXT, what I remember as the magic recipe is first to format it as a
Macintosh file system. Then you can make a NeXT-format disk out of it.

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