Analog 8mm

From: Dave McGuire <>
Date: Thu Mar 28 09:09:13 2002

On March 28, John Allain wrote:
> Put simply:
> Anybody have any horror stories about using digital
> data 8mm tapes in a Camcorder?
> My personal belief is that they are overbuilt, if anything.

  No horror stories specifically, but I do recall from when the
Exabyte 8500 came out that the tapes that were sold for data use were
the only ones that worked reliably in the 5GB drives...I read at the
time that the magnetic characteristics of the media were
different...higher coercivity I think, but I don't have specific

  For video use, I'd think there'd be nonlinear amplitude response at
best, but it's probably worth a try.


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