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From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Thu Mar 28 10:00:52 2002

--- Roger Merchberger <> wrote:
> Rumor has it that Paul Thompson may have mentioned these words:
> >There is a utility called persona that will work on recent versions of
> >VMS...

> [snip]
> >10$:
> > ; MOVAB ROUT1,M_DESC ; Done at initialization
> [snip]
> Is this an example of VAX/VMS assembly language?

Yes. It's usually referred to in VMS circles as just "MACRO" or
"VAX MACRO" if there's any ambiguity. I've written about two
programs in it ever (one time-conversion routine to extract Unix-
style "seconds-since-1970" from VMS's "200ns-intervals-since-Sept-
17th-1758", and one VAX-BI device driver).

> And if so, what would a good reference be to learn it?

DEC used to put out a bunch of titles, and I know some people
had to buy textbooks for CS classes. I found one or two titles
(and ordered one for $5!) from Amazon's used section, searching
for the keyword "VAX".


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