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From: Ben Franchuk <bfranchuk_at_jetnet.ab.ca>
Date: Thu Mar 28 10:07:40 2002

Hans Franke wrote:
> Now, as a remaining of the time when you had to punch a card
> number in the first 8 columns of your source, I realy can't
> see why line numbers are bad :) (ok, point taken). And things
> like local storage and object and combined data types are maybe
> a nice thing in visual bastic ... just, if you take away line
> numbers and add all the other stuff, is it still basic ? Or
> a new language wich inherits some features ? Back in the 70s
> new Languages where created with way less differences.

Line numbers are more do to the fact that most people had hard copy i/o
devices for terminals and simple text editors. The minimum BASIC had
only a few commands LET, IF, PRINT , READ?? ,LIST , DEL,NEW, STOP ,
GOSUB , RETURN , RUN, GOTO. A new line often was re-entered rather
edited as it was easier than editing a line on a TTY.

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