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> Also, I didn't get a keyboard
> with it and didn't see one there. What kind of keyboard does it use,

And Jochen Kunz <> wrote:

> You need a special break out cable like on the DECstation 5000 2{0,4,6}0
> machines. It has a 15 pin D shell connector on one side and a litle box
> on the other. Keyboard (any DEC LK{2,4}01) and Mouse (DEC VSXXX) are
> connected to this box.

And then also wrote:

> Does anyone have the pinout for this? Or even better, does anyone have a
> pinout for both this and a Framebuffer Console cable that works with a
> VAXstation 3200 and 4-plane mono framebuffer- a BC18P? OR should I just
> try to plug it in? I want to get some sort of confirmation that it won't
> blow up my keyboard or DEC3000 first.

I am under the impression that the same cable used for the DECstation 5000
series is also used with the DEC 3000 series of machines. Given that,
a BC18P (or BC18Z) is not compatible. Although I don't have a complete
pinout on the BC18P, I do know that pin 3 of the BC18P (pins 1,2,3 of the
BC18Z) is used for video. For the 5000 (and hopefully the 3000) the first
few pins are used for the keybaord.

And Doc <> added:

> The kbd/mouse dongle pinouts are posted on the web somewhere. Try
> Googling "dec 3000/300x pinout" or something. I looked briefly last
> night and can't find it, but it's out there.

Having not found the 5000 cable pinout myself, I did a pinout for it some
time back. I will paste it to the end of this and we will go from there.


DECstation 5000 keyboard/mouse cable and related info
--------------- --------------- --------------- ---------------
The DECstation 5000 has a 15 pin (male) D connector on the back for keyboard
and mouse connections. There is a cable that plugs into the 5000 connector
and has a keyboard socket (RJ-11) and a mouse socket (7 pin mini-din) on the
other end. I am under the impression that the same cable is also used with
the DEC 3000 series of machines.

The part number for the cable is 17-02640-01.

For a keyboard, use a LK201 or LK401.
For a mouse, use a VSXXX-AA (round hockey puck) or VSXXX-GA (rectangular).


The cable pinout (from the DECstation 5000/240 manual) is:

Pin Signal Desc.
1 GND Ground (to keyboard socket)
2 KEY.TX Keyboard transmitted data
3 KEY.RX Keyboard received data
4 +12v Keyboard power
5 GND Ground
6 MSE.RX Mouse received data
7 MSE.TX Mouse transmitted data
8 GND Ground (to mouse socket)
9 GND Ground (to mouse socket)
10 NC
11 NC
12 NC
13 +5v Mouse power
14 -12v Mouse power
15 GND Ground (to mouse socket)

I have also verified the above info with a VOM.


As for the keyboard, I had a couple of them open a while back (to clean
out the cookie crumbs) and traced them out somewhat. Looking into the
end of the plug on the cable coming from the keyboard.

     | o o o o |
     | B R G Y |
     |___| |___|
B - Black - Data from keyboard
R - Red - +12v to keyboard
G - Green - Ground
Y - Yellow - Data to keyboard

And looking into the socket on the end of the 17-02640-01 cable:
(also applies to the keyboard socket on a terminal such as a VT420)

     | o o o o |
     | Y G R B |
     |___| |___|

 Y to pin 3 of the 15 pin D connector on cable 17-02640-01
 G to pin 1 ...
 R to pin 4 ...
 B to pin 2 ...

I do not include pin numbers for the keyboard connector because I have
found on-line references to some of this info and in some cases the pin
numbers differ. Your mileage may vary.


As for the mouse, you will find the pinouts below and the signals.
Please note that the pin numbers may not be the official DEC numbers.
Here again, I have seen on-line references to some of this info and
the pin numbers differ.

Looking into the plug coming from the mouse:

       5 6 7
       o o o
    4 o === o 1
        o o
        3 2

1 - -12v
2 - Data to mouse
3 - Ground
4 - Data from mouse
5 - +5v
6 - nc
7 - nc

And looking at the socket on a machine or end of the 17-02640-01 cable:

       7 6 5
       o o o
    1 o === o 4
        o o
        2 3

 1 to pin 14 of the 15 pin D connector on cable 17-02640-01
 2 to pin 6 ...
 3 to pins 8, 9, & 15 ...
 4 to pin 7 ...
 5 to pin 13 ...
 6 nc
 7 nc
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