North Star Horizon c/pm machines cpm to dos

From: Geoff Reed <>
Date: Fri Mar 29 22:47:13 2002

HOw many floppies? I have an N* that should still boot :) and likely
could kermit the files over to a dos machine

At 04:20 PM 3/29/02 -0800, you wrote:
>I just found the thread a few days ago, it looks like it lived and died
>in 1998? - but I'm hoping there's still life out there. I need to
>transfer cpm floppies to dos, hardsectored unfortuntely to dos
>soft-sectored, otherwise there is software I could use. I have ten
>years of work on cpm which I can't access, and being financially
>challenged I can't hire someone to do it. What I need is a northstar
>horizon that reads hardsectored 5.5" floppies, which I could borrow or
>buy at a low price.
> Thanks for any help you can give,
> -Ron
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