Neat trick I just thought of!

From: Chad Fernandez <>
Date: Fri Mar 29 23:47:46 2002

I probably could of gotten it even cheaper, say $5, but I wasn't thinking.

Unfortunately while working on cleaning the chassis today, I dropped it
in the tub and chipped the tub, big time :-( The chassis bent somewhat,
but his hit the tub on one of it's stronger sides. I was able to bend
the chassis back in place.

Hopefully, I'll be reassembling tomorrow :-)

Chad wrote:
> On 29-Mar-2002 Chad Fernandez wrote:
>>I just bought a IBM PS/2 Model 9577 today for $10.
> Oh wow. Why can't I find deals like that around here? *sigh*
>>The toilet paper controls
>>the Goo Gone by surface tension..... at least I assume it's the surface
>>tension between the toilet paper, case, and the Goo Gone. Let it soak,
>>then you can pretty much wipe the area clean :-)
> Neat!
> -Philip
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