Fwd: Re: Is anyone interested in military Compupro s-100 computers?

From: Bruce Lane <kyrrin_at_bluefeathertech.com>
Date: Sat Mar 30 11:21:45 2002

Hi, gang,

        I received an E-mail this morning from a fellow who's looking to offload a whole bunch of older S-100 stuff for cost-of-shipping only. Said E-mail is attached below.

        His area code is 914, which I seem to recall is somewhere on the east coast.

        Since I'm no longer in the computer arena, outside of what I keep around to maintain my 'net presence, I figured someone on the list could give the stuff a good home.


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On 30-Mar-02 at 11:35 Joe Soll, CSW, DAPA <cera_at_idt.net> wrote:

>I have a large collection of S-100 computers (mostly Compupro) and
>peripherals which I want to give to a collector for the cost of shipping
>The list of equipment is at:
>It's your for the asking
>Be well,

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