The Future End of Classic Computing

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Date: Sat Mar 30 16:31:56 2002

On 30-Mar-2002 ajp166 wrote:
> From: Charles E. Fox <>
>>>They are already doing a pretty good job of screwing up the broadcast
>>>television industry in the US, with HDTV that no one can afford, and
>>>digital tv standards that only work in a strong signal area.
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> That and the digital stuff has spurs off the bandwidth in all directions
> with it's wideband noise. Damn near ruined parts of 6M ham bad with
> the crud they radiate.

Have you seen this as a fact? Slashdot had an article in the last while
(can't find it) about someone who'd put a spectrum analyser next to his
wireless card and found that next to nothing was leaking into other bands.

Or do you mean just digital gear in general, now that they are operating
in the 1-2 gig range?

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