"New" PDP-8

From: Ben Franchuk <bfranchuk_at_jetnet.ab.ca>
Date: Sat Mar 30 16:20:11 2002

Torquil MacCorkle III wrote:
> Ok,
> I am interested in building a computer like this, but this seems a bit
> too much for me to tackle. Are there any other Classiccomputers one could
> build which are far simpler and don't involve 600 wires and stuff?
> Thanks,
> torquil

Try checking out the OTHER pdp-8 homebrew.
http://surfin.spies.com/~dgc/pdp8x/ I like it better myself as it
looks to impliment a PDP-8 better than a 6120 chip , with Real PDP-8
style I/O and is easier to get parts for. With luck you may be able be
to the art work for the PCB's. Note if you want something a bit more
classic --> http://www.spies.com/~dgc/pdp4x/ A PDP-4.
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