6809 single board computer (was: "New" PDP-8)

From: tim lindner <tlindner_at_ix.netcom.com>
Date: Sat Mar 30 18:57:00 2002

> Ok,
> I am interested in building a computer like this, but this seems a bit
> too much for me to tackle. Are there any other Classiccomputers one could
> build which are far simpler and don't involve 600 wires and stuff?

A few months ago I was going thru RTSI's OS-9 software archive and came
upon a file describing a single board 6809 computer.

I told the maintainer that such a files doesn't really fit within the
his archive. He agreed and removed the file.

I found a copy on an unofficial mirror of RTSI:


For thoes of you unable to decode an LZH file I will also post a zip
file here:


I also converted the included postscript file into a PDF.

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