Sierra Semiconductor Internal Modem

From: Tothwolf <>
Date: Sun Mar 31 22:01:19 2002

On Sun, 31 Mar 2002, Marvin Johnston wrote:

> I have far too many projects going, so unfortunately, it just isn't
> fun anymore. That is one of the reasons I am starting to
> sell/give/toss off some of the extra stuff. But I think an evaluation
> board is something of historical interest and worthwhile preserving.
> I'll most probably try and get the schematics & parts list to see if I
> have any complete unbuild boards & major parts. At that point, I'll
> keep one and make the others available to anyone who would like one of
> these things. It may take a year or so though!

I ended up with several built prototype 2400 baud modems from a auction a
number of years ago. If you have the time to put up some detailed pictures
of your kits, I'll start looking for the box that I put them in to see if
one of them matches your kits.

The auction I bought them from was a bankruptcy auction for a small
prototype and design company. I bought up most all of the components
except for a couple cabinets of modern TTL/CMOS chips and around 10,000 or
so gold plated prototype PLCC chips. A couple of students overbid the
TTL/CMOS lots, and I think a scrapper bought up the prototype PLCC chips.
(I did end up with _all_ the sockets...) I also ended up with a few of
those PLCC prototype chips mixed in the cabinets I bought. Two of those
chips don't have their lids installed, so the die or bonding wires are
probably damaged by now. (Anyone know how to take a picture of those?) I
seem to remember a former employee bought up all the die masks for their
custom chips, I guess for nostalgia reasons. I'm *still* sorting the
components I bought, and have run out of available parts cabinets (again).

There was also a bench type micro-manipulator in that auction. It had all
the goodies including stuff to install bonding wires in chips. I think
someone bid around $8-10,000 for it.

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