OT: dumpster dive and water/mold cleanup

From: Russ Blakeman <rhb57_at_vol.com>
Date: Wed Sep 4 01:05:00 2002

I *think* they might be a bakelite-like material. I have a few older
recordings that are the ehavy material you are talking about, I never play
them since they are so old. Not ceramic but similar and an early plastic,
used for light switches and insulators too. We have a Lionel train set that
the locomotive's and car's outer bodies are made of bakelite, as is the
cover of the transformer for the set. Not sure what the plastic ties for the
tracks are made of though.

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>I've never heard of ceramic records. Is this different than the old
>bakelite reocrds?

Don't know. I'm not a record expert, so maybe they aren't ceramic. I was
told that was the material, and I know they are a hard, brittle, fragile
glass or clay like substance (from the one that I broke).

These are 1910-1920 era records (based on the fact that they carry the
Victrola name, and IIRC, my Victrola has a 1913 date on the back)

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