Televideo 912C and General DataComm Gen Net Terminal Server

From: Patrick Finnegan <>
Date: Sat Sep 21 21:41:00 2002

On Tue, 17 Sep 2002, Justin Frim wrote:

> I have a Televideo TS-800A workstation, wihch IIRC is basically a TVI-950 with a daughterboard containing
> a Z-80 CPU and an RS-422 serial interface for a floppy disk. Apparently this "dumb terminal" could also
> run CP/M for some basic tasks.(?)
> Does anyone here know where I can find some documentation on this terminal (setup, escape sequences, etc)
> so I can do more than just type "hello world" on this thing? I'd also like to try out the Z-80
> daughterboard, but I don't know if I need to first find an RS-422 floppy disk drive, or if the terminal
> can download it's bootstrap code and OS right off the serial cable.

IIRC, it would download its OS from something like a TS-806 or TS-816
located at the other end of the RS-422 line. My dad's practice (he's an
optometrist) used to have a bunch of the things before the TS-806 died. I
used to have a manual for the TS800A, but that got tossed out at some
point unfortunately :(, probably when my parents moved. The TS-8?6 would
then run some sort of database server usually, and serve
data/disk/printer out to the diskless TS800A's

Thanks to Don Maslin, I now have a TS-816 that I need to work on
resurrecting - the hard drive was crashed when I got it, and it's tape
drive (it has no floppy drives) needs at least a new tape-present lamp.

-- Pat
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