Any UK list members?

From: Philip Pemberton <>
Date: Tue Apr 1 13:43:00 2003

Joe wrote:
> That's nice but Gator isn't a pop-up. It's spy-ware. I snoops on
> your system for whatever it's told to look for
I know what Spyware is. I've got a block in my HOSTS file on the PC - Gator
seems to download most of its stuff from the Gator website. Stop it
downloading that crap and it doesn't even get past installation. Use Mozilla
and its ActiveX control won't even start, so Gator won't even try and
install in the first place. IIRC.

> FWIW I use Guide-Scope to block the pop-ups AND to selectively block
> cookies and Ad-Aware to search out and delete spy-ware. They're both
> available from the net for free and they seem to work fine.
I use AAW a lot - I give my PC a scan every two months. As for my Acorn
RiscPC, well. I don't think there's much spyware for that, do you? As for
viruses, "T3" is the only real nasty virus that exists for RISC OS - the
rest are just annoyances. T3 destroys data - Extend, Icon and the like just
sit around wasting memory. I seem to remember the Icon virus was written by
a student at the Queen Elizabeth Grammar School (QEGS) in Wakefield,
England... I think his nickname was "Smigg" or something like that.

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