Gernsback Publishing closing

From: Philip Pemberton <>
Date: Tue Apr 1 13:38:00 2003

Cini, Richard wrote:
> I had the same feeling when Byte, well, bought it, in 1995 -- a
> formerly great publishing that lost its way and its relevance to its
> core readership.
Elektor are their same old selves, though. I was going to build one of their
USB sound cards - except for one problem. The main controller chip is a
Burr-Brown (TI) part that is damn near impossible to get in the UK...
EPE on the other hand are still publishing their wonderful little "This part
is available in England and can be made to do [some wonderful thing]" type
articles. As long as EPE is still in publication, I'll still keep reading
it. Unless it turns into another "Electronics And Beyond" (pseudo-science
articles? puhleeze)

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