Qbus artifact score!

From: Stuart Johnson <ssj152_at_charter.net>
Date: Wed Apr 2 17:47:29 2003

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Subject: Qbus artifact score!

>If only there was a> DEC terminal with triple-session capability.
>Should be a bunch of fun getting this guy running!
> -ethan


Try a VT525, it has FOUR sessions using cabling (does not require ssu or
multisessions). I have one and it is very helpful. Another way to do this is
with one VT-something terminal hooked to a DECserver 200 or 300 and use
reverse-LAT; connect the various computers consoles to the DECserver and use
the terminal to connect to the various ports to control or configure the
machine or boot / shutdown.

You can also connect a VT525 to a KVM switch and use one keyboard and mouse
to control PC's, Alpha's, etc.

Stuart Johnson
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