keyboard translator

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Wed Apr 2 18:01:00 2003

> Hello there,
> Found your address through Google.
> We are trying to connect a Vax 3850 using a LK201 keyboard and a ?mouse to
> ps2 based KVM switch. Do you know of any products that can do the
> translation?

All I can tell you is that the LK201 interface uses different voltage
levels to the PS/2 interface (The LK201 is essentially RS232 levels with
a 12V supply, the PS/2 is TTL levels with a 5V supply), and a totally
different protocol (the LK201 is 4800 buad async, the PS/2 is, IIRC, a
synchronous interfacem, with clock and data lines).

A translator between them is not going to be totally trivial therefore.
It would certainly need a microcontroller at each end.

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