Two ESDI drives available

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Wed Apr 2 18:06:00 2003

> Now, on to the next question. I need a 34 conductor flat cable with male IDC
> on one end and socket on the other. Anyone know of a good source for these?

Do you mean you need a cable that could be used as an extension for a
3.5" floppy drive?

The male header plug is not trivial to get (but it does exist), and it's not
trivial to crimp onto the cable without damage. I remember last time I
had to do one, I bought the die for one of the 'propper' crimp tools (the
die alone was not too expensive) and used that to support the plug.

Then, when you've got the bits, just crimp them onto a bit of cable in
the bench vice...

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