Two ESDI drives available

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Date: Wed Apr 2 20:41:00 2003


> and it's not trivial to crimp onto the cable without damage

When I made something like that up, I plugged an already
assembled female into the male, so that when I pressed
the male onto the cable, the force was applied to the end
of the female sticking out past the shroud around the pins of
the male connector, transferring that force to the inside base
of the male, not on the edges of it's shroud where the plastic
is thin, nor onto it's pins. Another way to do it without needing
the die you said you had gotten. I also use a vise since I don't
have a special crimp tool either. I put something like cardboard
over the vise jaws to protect the IDC connectors which I'm
pressing on from being marred.

For a cable already made up, IIRC cables like these, 34 pin
with male IDC on one end, and female IDC on the other end
came with floppy controller controlled tape backup drives, to add
a third device ( the tape drive ) to a floppy cable already being
used by both an A: and B: floppy drive.

> The male header plug is not trivial to get (but it does exist)

3M and AMP might make these. We have an electronics supply
here that will order "samples" for you if you only need one or two
pieces. We actually wanted to purchase them, but since ordering
the samples eliminated the paperwork tasks for them ( all done in
one phone call ), they wanted to supply them as samples.

Best Regards

At 12:24 AM 4/3/03 +0100, you wrote:
> > Now, on to the next question. I need a 34 conductor flat cable with
> male IDC
> > on one end and socket on the other. Anyone know of a good source for
> these?
>Do you mean you need a cable that could be used as an extension for a
>3.5" floppy drive?
>The male header plug is not trivial to get (but it does exist), and it's not
>trivial to crimp onto the cable without damage. I remember last time I
>had to do one, I bought the die for one of the 'propper' crimp tools (the
>die alone was not too expensive) and used that to support the plug.
>Then, when you've got the bits, just crimp them onto a bit of cable in
>the bench vice...
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