Brian Instruments BRIKON Mdl 723 Floppy Drive Tester / Analyzer

From: Bruce Lane <>
Date: Thu Apr 3 09:53:17 2003

Hi, gang,

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On 03-Apr-03 at 09:39 Joe wrote:

>At 11:52 PM 4/2/03 -0500, you wrote:
>>Here's an interesting item for keeping those vintage floppy's in order?
>>Brian Instruments BRIKON Mdl 723 Floppy Drive Tester / Analyzer
> They are interesting. I have one and I've bid on this one. Anybody
>have docs for the 727 multiplexer?
>>I saw a web site where these were about $900.00
> Typical Re-seller wishfull thinking!!! These sell on E-bay for about
>$20. Note that this one has a $15 "handling fee" in addition to the
>selling price and shipping. Again typical of re-sellers. They never miss a
>chance to boost their profits!

        Fortunately, not all resellers are that way. The folks I bought my SCSI analyzer from, Prism Electronics, were just the opposite. Not only were they utterly honest about the deal, they actually refunded $50 of my purchase price when it turned out that the unit they were sending me didn't have the emulator board installed as they thought it did.

        FWIW: I have a Lynx floppy drive tester, barely used and still in its pouch, plus alignment media. I remember seeing those things in the Specialized Products tool catalog for over a grand, and I think I paid all of $25 for this one. I'm happy. ;-)

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