SMD disk drive

From: Bruce Lane <>
Date: Thu Apr 3 09:57:01 2003

Hey, Jim,

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On 03-Apr-03 at 09:35 Jim Donoghue wrote:

>I'm looking for an 8" SMD disk drive. The only ones I've seen were made
>by NEC - and I can't seem to find any. What other companies made these
>kind of drives? Any suggestions on where I should look or what (other)
>kinds of equipment these were used in? (besides Wang minicomputers)

        Well, lesseee.... Those were also made by Fujitsu, Control Data, and (I recall) Shugart and Century Data. Of those, Fujitsu is the most common in the surplus arena.

        They were often used in high-end engineering workstations, such as those done by Tektronix, HP, and others. Come to think of it, a buddy of mine has a bunch of SMD drives in just that form factor, and I think he's looking to get rid of stuff. E-mail me a private note with details of what you're looking for in terms of capacity, and I will forward it to him.

        Keep the peace(es).

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