SMD disk drive

From: Jochen Kunz <>
Date: Thu Apr 3 10:13:00 2003

On 2003.04.03 16:35 Jim Donoghue wrote:

> I'm looking for an 8" SMD disk drive. The only ones I've seen were
> made by NEC - and I can't seem to find any. What other companies made
> these kind of drives?
Fujitsu made a series of 8" SMD drives in the range from some MB to
around 1 GB. Once uppon a time I we had a Sequent Symetry S27 at the
Unix-AG with three Fujitsu M22??K 8" drives. They had 600 to 700 MB. The
former owner of the machine instructed me to reformat the drives at
least once a year, as they loose the format information leeding to lost
data. A friend has some other Fujitsu drives from that series. He
reported that this drives are quite unreliable.

Seagate made some 8" SMD drives. The quick specs where on when I looked at them last time.
Seagate made 5,25" SMD drives too. The one I have is ether a st41097j or
st41201j, it has 1 GB and I can't use it as I have no docs. (Power
connector pinout, DIP switch description, ...) Very, very sad. This
would be a very nice disk for one of my VAXen or PDP-11s.

I own a Hitachi DK514S also. 360 MB, 5,25" FH, SMD. So maybe Hitachi
made 8" models too.

On the other side: What is wrong with NEC? I have some 1GB 9" NEC SMD
drives. Very solid and reliable.
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