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From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Thu Apr 3 16:17:35 2003

> Just a quick cautionary tale about batteries; we have a digital camera
> at the office, a cheap Logitek one. We used it all day, for five days
> and on the last day, the batteries burst inside the battery compartment.

Ouch!!! How did it managhe that? Drawing excessive current from the

> We suddenly had hot, caustic battery electrolyte all over the place!
> Now, it doesn't really matter with a modern, off-the-shelf gadget, but
> with an irreplaceable classic, it could be more serious.

If I bought a device that caused the batteries to explode, not only would
I want a full refund, I'd _never_ buy anything from that company again.
Still I knew there was a reason why I use cameras that don't need
batteries at all...

> Do check that the batteries you use don't start to overheat!

The Compucorp 324 draws a high current (of the order of 1A I think), but
it shouldn't be high enough to cause the batteries to explode...

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