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From: John Honniball <>
Date: Thu Apr 3 15:45:01 2003

Keys wrote:
> From: "Tony Duell" <>
>>Oh yes, it _eats_ batteries. Officially you're supposed to use 4 D-size
>>NiCds. It will run of alkaline cells, but it drains them in a few minutes

Just a quick cautionary tale about batteries; we have a digital camera
at the office, a cheap Logitek one. We used it all day, for five days
and on the last day, the batteries burst inside the battery compartment.
We suddenly had hot, caustic battery electrolyte all over the place!
Now, it doesn't really matter with a modern, off-the-shelf gadget, but
with an irreplaceable classic, it could be more serious.

Do check that the batteries you use don't start to overheat!

John Honniball
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