Anyone with LP25 Schematics? (or a power board)

From: Matt London <>
Date: Fri Apr 4 09:18:00 2003

  I've got a DEC LP25 line printer here I just unearthed. I picked it up
(ha!) a couple of years back and didn't have much success repairing it.

  Anyway - I discovered it after my parents tried to move it - oblivious
to the fact the cover wasn't screwed on, and dropped it. Looks like just
cosmetic damage - but impossible to test as the power board didn't work 2
years ago, and still doesnt. There's some cosmetic damage (read corner it
landed on totally smashed) but I don't see any obvious damage to the

  I've got the maintainance manual, which has the test points in for just
about everything, apart from the power board. Only tells me the
motherboard voltages, all of which are absent, apart from the 38V you get
from the PSU itself.

  So if anyone out there has the schematic for the power board in this
beast (or even a complete set of schematics) and the ability to scan them
in, that would be an enormous help.

  Also, any ideas for how to prod board with meter when it's in the
machine would be useful, as you can only get to one side of the board due
to the location of the card in the machine. The cards are plugged into
standard edge connectors, with a pair of fingers on the cards themselves.
I figure some sort of extender might be my best bet, but how to get hold
of such a thing is another matter. I suppose I could always make one :&)

  Oh - I have a sneaking feeling the paper drive motor is fried (that's my
initial thought to why the power board is dead) cause it doesn't look at
all sane when you put a meter over it (infinite resistance if memory
serves). So where to find a replacement would be nice.

  Any thoughts on the matter would be useful. It seems a shame to gut it
and trash it when I'm sure it *could* be repaired.

-- Matt
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