semi-OT: Power Computing 100 power supply

From: chris <>
Date: Fri Apr 4 09:19:26 2003

>I've got a Power Computing 100, one of the earliest Mac clones
>(equivalent to Mac 8100/100, though the logic board is physically
>different). It seems that its power supply has died. It is a Seasonic
>SSH-200G. I'm pretty ignorant about PSU standards, so am not sure what
>I need to look for in a replacement -- a friend said "it looks like an
>AT power supply, but that little 4-pin plug [which connects to the
>logic board, I think] is non-standard, so a standard AT PSU won't work
>as a replacement." It also has two large 6-pin plugs that plug into the
>motherboard as well. The rest of the plugs are standard 4-pin.

If you find out any info, forward it on to me. I recently aquired one of
those as well, and the power supply, along with every other cable in it,
has had all the wires cut.

It looks like someone either was fired and pissed off, so they took their
revenge on the machine, or more likely (since the hard drive is missing
as well), the machine was officially "decommissioned" and rendered to an
unusable state to take it off the books.

Before I go thru the effort of patching the leads together, if I can find
a suitable, available replacement, I'll go that route for the purpose of
testing it to see if the system has been damaged in other ways (then if
it works, I'll go back and patch the power supply together, just because
it will be fun).

I did ask a Power Computing list if the Power100 used a standard AT power
supply, and was told that it does not. However, the person that gave me
the response spent no effort discussing how it differs, but did spend 3
paragraphs telling me not to waste my time with a Power100 and instead to
buy a used PowerTower Pro. So that told me that they just didn't get it,
and didn't understand the interest in reviving an old machine... which
also makes me suspect the validity of their answer (not that failing to
understand old computers equals a lack of knowledge of the power
supply... just that it seemed more like an uninterested/uninformed wave
off of the power supply question in the effort to push me to a newer
faster machine).

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