semi-OT: Power Computing 100 power supply

From: Dr. Ido <>
Date: Fri Apr 4 09:32:00 2003

At 09:41 AM 4/4/03 -0500, you wrote:
>Hi folks,
>Dunno if this is within the 10-year rule or not, but I don't know who
>else to ask. :)
>I've got a Power Computing 100, one of the earliest Mac clones
>(equivalent to Mac 8100/100, though the logic board is physically
>different). It seems that its power supply has died. It is a Seasonic
>SSH-200G. I'm pretty ignorant about PSU standards, so am not sure what
>I need to look for in a replacement -- a friend said "it looks like an
>AT power supply, but that little 4-pin plug [which connects to the
>logic board, I think] is non-standard, so a standard AT PSU won't work
>as a replacement." It also has two large 6-pin plugs that plug into the
>motherboard as well. The rest of the plugs are standard 4-pin.
>Does anyone know what would be a compatible replacement? For example, I
>have been corresponding with the seller of this (which he will relist
>if I want it):
>which he says is the same except for being 250 watts instead of 200.
>But the model number's different and it looks a little different in the

I'm not familiar with the power computing 100, but the power supply in the
auction listing you posted appears to be a standard AT power supply. I
doubt it will work, at least not without modification. Assuming that your
system has soft power like most macs that little 4 pin connector probably
carries +5V standby power and the turn on signal. Or they may be +3V if
there is no 3V regulator on the power computing 100 motherboard. Neither
are present on a standard AT power suppply.

If you can't get an exact replacement power supply you may be able to adapt
an ATX power supply. Some details for using an ATX power supply in a mac
can be found here:

The pinout for the mac 8100 power connector and others are on this page.
There is also a circuit on this site that inverts the power on signal on
the mac to be compatible with the power on signal on the ATX power supply.

Of course having not seen a Power Computing 100 I can't be sure if any of
this is relevant to you.
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